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UPG Terra RedGreen Bowl

24.99 €

ΚΑΤΗΓΟΡΙΕΣ:   Καπνοί Ναργιλέ

Κατάσταση : Καινούριο

Στοιχεία Παραγγελίας

Βάρος : 3 Χιλιόγραμμα (Kg)

UPG Terra RedGreen BowlThe Heads are made of the same material as the classic collection, but coated with high quality glaze from our own production.All components are selected by us personally, so the quality of the products is at the highest level - The sides have been preserved on the upper edge so that  Lotus Kaloud stands confidently and does not slip!Colors may vary due to custom and handmade design!

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Mr Smoke
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