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SJCAM SJ6 Legend Action Camera

179.00 €

ΚΑΤΗΓΟΡΙΕΣ:   Κάμερες Για Αθλήματα Δράσης

Κατάσταση : Καινούριο

Στοιχεία Παραγγελίας

Βάρος : 120 Γραμμάρια (g)

The smallest and most advanced rectangular camera. Now supporting SJ-Remote and external microphone 7G Optical Glass/F2.5 Large Aperture/166 Ultra Wide Angle. The SJ6 Legend uses an industry- proven Panasonic MN 34120PA 16MP sensor with 7G lens allowing the legend to take crisp and clear images. The Panasonic MN 34120PA 16MP lens is perfect for capturing all your amazing moments 2.0-inch Touch screen LCD: Then importance of a touch screen on an action camera with as many features as the SJ6 cannot be overemphasized. Navigate using 2-inch touch screen shortcuts and be ready to shoot your legendary. Time is critical. Especially when capturing the LEGEND. The SJ6S ultra-responsive touch screen has your covered Sporting a 16mp Panasonic Sensor. The SJ6 Legend can record 4K at 24FPS(interpolation), 2K at 30fps and many other resolutions. Snap or film the most pristine and picturesque landscapes, events and other countless settings The distortion correction function allows you to shoot wide-angle video and photos without having the bends when the target is straight(fisheye effect).

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