4 Channel Active UTP Video Transmitter(Silver)


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1. Applicable to NTSC, PAL, SECAM and CCIR system. 2. Full motion CCTV video at distance up to 7200ft(2400m). 3. 18 pin RJ 45 socket, 8 position green terminal block, 4 BNC port, 4 "brightness"adjustable knob, 4 "sharpness" adjustable knob. 4. Applied for the occasions such as video monitoring and video meeting, can transmit four channels of video signal via 8 core cat-5 unshielded twisted pair wire. 5. Can receive balanced signal to convert it into unbalanced signal, and raise the receive signal with receiving effect well. Specifications: 1. Product Name: 4 Channel UTP Video Transmitter 2. Channel: 4 3. Material: Metal 4. Frequency Response: DC-8MHz 5. CMRR: 60db 6. Impendance: BNC Terminal: 75Ohm; Connection Terminal: 100Ohm 7. Working Temperature: -10-70 degree C 8. Voltage: DC 12V 9. Current: Max.200mA 10. Characteristic Impendance: 100+/-20 Ohm 11. DC Loop Resistance: 18Ohm/100m 12. Size: 20 x 7 x 4.3cm 13. Color: Silver Tone 14. Weight: 579g

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