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Appla - About our company

Appla, the largest online shopping platform is here to bring the Cypriot market into the digital era, and increase the economic activity of both the merchants and the consumers.

According to the latest data from the statistical office of the European Commission, Eurostat, the percentage of companies operating in Cyprus, selling their products online, continues to grow compared to previous years.

Our mission is to provide the most advanced online shopping experience in Cyprus, through our next-generation platform, a place where consumers can find what they want, at the best price available!

An online marketplace, where merchants can reach as many consumers as possible, and ultimately expand their brand and increase their revenues.

Appla offers all its partners the options for free Customer and Technical Support, along with various options for online marketing and promotion of their products, through the platform or the company media channels (blog, social media etc.)

Additionally, Appla will offer to all its partners the necessary statistics and market insights, to help them increase their sales and profits.

"The ultimate goal" as the company has stated, is the creation of a multi-vendor online shopping platform, where Appla and its business partners can reach as many consumers as possible.

Appla Cyprus is a company built on international e-Commerce standards, based on international technology and deep knowledge of the local market. The largest online shopping platform in Cyprus, backed by a great number of online business experts and international management from Israel aims to revolutionize the shopping industry.

As of today, a growing number of businesses have expressed their interest to join Appla, making their first step in Appla’s digital revolution!